Sailor Salt Premium

This high quality salt is produced through a totally natural process, without the use of chemicals, thus obtaining the white crystal glare that is ideal for your meal.

Sailor Premium Natural Sea Salt Flakes 90g Grinder

These beautiful, pre-filled salt grinders are the  perfect way to have great salt on demand with every meal. These elegant, white pyramids are of superior quality and bring the taste of the Mediterranean Sea to your every dish!

Sailor Premium Coarse Sea Salt 190g Grinder

Sea Salt crystals are carefully separated, taking care to choose the largest and most coarse crystals. These crystals not only have SAILORs signature clean, bright and briny flavor, but they are perfect for salt grinders.

Sailor Premium Himalayan Coarse Salt 190g Grinder

Sailor’s refillable Himalayan Pink Salt is an excellent way to experience this famed salt, mined from the base of the Himalayas. Rich in minerals, its flavor is a welcome addition to everyday cooking.

Sailor Premium Iodine & Fluoride Salt 350g Carton Shaker

This fine grain free flowing product is ideal for food preparation for those who want additional health benefits from their salt. Iodine contributes to cognitive function, nervous system function, thyroid function as well as hormone production. Fluoride on the other hand improves dental health!

Sailor Premium Himalayan Fine 350g Carton Shaker

A pure rock salt that is considerably superior in quality, taste and health benefits to regular table salt. Himalayan salt is carefully hand-mined from the ancient mines of the Himalayas and it contains over 80 minerals and trace elements. It gets its pink color from trace minerals in the salt, like magnesium, potassium and calcium.