Vera Premium

Vera premium brand provides the highest quality salt products, targeted to those who are looking for more for their taste profile. Offered in a variety of options, packed in grinders, including Sea Salt Coarse, Himalayan Coarse, Sea Salt Flakes, Mix Peppercorns. This premium brand also gives something special to add to your dishes. You may also find our Vera product line on”.

VERA Black pepper Premium

This explosion of flavor comes from black peppercorns that are produced by picking the mature but unripe berries. Free from artificial colouring and preservatives

VERA Coarse sea salt Premium

Loving the natural sea salt from Theodorou Salt  but don’t want to choose between coarse salt and fine salt? With our grinder option, there is no need to choose! Elevate your dishes to the next level with our Sea Salt grinder that can be adjusted for coarse grind (ideal for meat rubs) and fine salt …

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VERA Flakes & Wild Garlic Premium

A combination that is guaranteed to leave your taste buds craving for more! The zingy taste of wild garlic, mixed with the 100% natural sea salt flakes of the Mediterranean, make for an exquisite blend that will turn every dish into a masterpiece!

VERA Flakes Natural Premium

At Theodorou Satl we always strive to give you the best salt products possible. These natural, organic sea salt flakes come directly from the heart of the Mediterranean and contain no additives. A light, pure taste, these organic salt flakes are perfect for those looking for a more natural solution to cooking.

VERA Flakes Smoked Flavour Premium

These mineral sea salt flakes, gathered from the waters of the waters of the Mediterranean, pairs beautifully with all dishes and even cocktails, due to the versatility of its taste. Traditionally smoked over oak wood for days, these flakes are the perfect finisher for your BBQ or summer picnic!

VERA Flakes Vegetable Carbon Premium

The gourmet seal salt is the perfect finishing salt for your culinary creations, enhancing the flavor by subtly highlighting all elements. Made in Cyprus using salt gathered from the pristine Mediterranean waters, these Black Sea Salt flakes adds a crunchy elegance and a mild flavor to every meal. Mediterranean Handcrafted Gourmet Sea Salt Flakes 70g,– …

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