eco-friendly policies

13 July 2021

Theodorou Salt prides itself on its eco-friendly policies and in finding ways to always be green. Policies like using environmentally sustainable cardboard packaging for our products, significantly reduce the use of plastic and hence the net producion of non-recyclable waste at the end of the disposition line.

Environmentally friendly or otherwise eco-friendly are mostly the product that does not impact negatively on the planet. A product like this is the paper box as it has been made by using few amounts or types of resources, as a result, doesn’t cause harm to the environment. As an ethical company and the love we have for the planet, we always trying and working hard to find the best solution that will be benefited from all the aspects. This includes internal and external factors: including stakeholders as well as environmental factors. We have turned and given the option to our customer to get catering package in paper box while at the same time impact positively on the planet by reducing our plastic bucket.

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